Perfume Shopping

This is a collection of links to posts from different blogs that cover perfume shopping in different cities all around the world. Thank you to Undina for creating and hosting and updating this page!

Asali (a contributing writer for several blogs) has shared with me a link to the blog that specializes in gathering information about shopping in different places. If you need just a list of shops/boutiques in a specific city you might find Your Perfume Guide useful.

Please contact me if you’ve written or come across an article you want to include in this list or if you want to host a similar page (I’ll send you an html file with the current list and will be providing updates several times a year).

If you like the idea please spread the word. I have no commercial interest in this project I just think it might be useful for the community.

The list is organized by country and then by city. City names are links, if there is more than one link for a city [partial] article titles are used as links. In parentheses are blog names and published/last modified dates (in mm/dd/yy format).*


Melbourne: Scent Adventure (What Men Should Smell Like, 1/5/12); Perfume Shopping in Melbourne (Another Perfume Blog, 6/5/12)


Vienna: A Viennese Sniffing Whirl (Bonkers about Perfume, 4/27/12); Le Parfum, Puredistance Perfume Lounge and Duft (Olfactoriaís Travels, 1/5/11, 1/22/11 and 1/15/11)


Bruges (Bonkers about Perfume, 12/19/09)

Brussels (Bonkers about Perfume, 11/11/12)

Wevelgem: Where Is Heaven? ñ Turns Out It Is In Belgium (Olfactoriaís Travels, 3/10/12); Haute Parfumerie Place VendÙme (Bonkers about Perfume, 11/4/12)


Zagreb: Parfumerija Lana, Viktor Koncept and Institut Parfumeur Flores (All I am ñ a redhead, 4/4/12, 11/11/09 and 11/18/09)


Casis (Perfumed Letters, 7/8/12)

Paris: Paris Perfume Pilgrimage, Part I: the Right Bank and Paris Perfume Pilgrimage, Part II: The Left Bank (Grain de Musc, 7/2/2009 and 7/4/2009); Paris Perfume Shopping Addresses: Quick Index (Perfume Shrine, 1/21/12); Post Cards from Paris (Perfumed Letters, 5/1/12); Detaille ñ a very old and discreet perfume house (christopherk67, 7/24/11)

Provence, Alpes, CÙte díAzur (What Men Should Smell Like, 12/3/12)


Berlin: Galeries Lafayette, KaDeWe and April Aromatics At KaDeWe (Bonkers about Perfume, 4/28/11 and 5/1/12)

Dresden (Bonkers about Perfume, 9/4/11)

D¸sseldorf (Bonkers about Perfume, 5/2/11)

Munich (Olfactoriaís Travels, 7/23/11)

R¸desheim (Bonkers about Perfume, 12/10/11)

Stuttgart (Bonkers about Perfume, 4/25/12)

Hong Kong (What Men Should Smell Like, 4/12/12)


Budapest: Part I and Part II (Bonkers about Perfume, 9/18/11 and 9/21/11)

Indonesia (Nose at the Ready, 6/15/10)


Bologna (Olfactoria’s Travels, 8/28/12)

Florence (What Men Should Smell Like, 6/25/11)

Milan: Milan, Fragrant City, Part I and Part II (Olfactoriaís Travels, 8/11/11 and 8/13/11); This Week at the Perfume Counter: Milano (I Smell Therefore I Am, 6/14/09)

Rome (What Men Should Smell Like , 6/26/11)

New Zeland

Auckland (What Men Should Smell Like, 8/20/12)


KrakÛw: GaliLu Olfactory, ul. S?awkowska 16, tel.: 12 422 16 84 (behemot 12, 5/26/12)
Warszawa: Neoperfumeria GaliLU, ul. Mokotowska 63, tel.: 22 622 10 13 (behemot 12, 5/26/12)


Stockholm (Bonkers about Perfume, 12/24/09)


Zurich: Solo Sniffing In Zurich and An Ill-Fated Sniffathon In Z¸rich (Bonkers about Perfume, 11/9/11 and 8/21/11)

Basel (Bonkers about Perfume, 4/6/10)


Bangkok (What Men Should Smell Like, 7/11/12)

United Kingdom

Belfast (Bonkers about Perfume, 5/19/12)

Edinburgh (Bonkers about Perfume, 4/12/12)

London: London Perfume Shopping Guide (Persolaise – A Perfume Blog, 4/19/12); Perfume Shopping in London (Now Smell This, 5/16/11); Touring London Perfumeries : A Bonkers Bike Ride (Bonkers about Perfume, 6/4/12)

Lytham (Bonkers about Perfume, 10/28/09)


Las Vegas (Undinaís Looking Glass, 2/28/12)

Miami (the unseen censer, 3/21/12)

New York: My New York City Sniffing Tour ñ Part I and Part II (Olfactoriaís Travels, 12/01/12 & 12/03/12); Perfume Shopping in NY (Now Smell This, 11/20/11); Perfume Shopping In NYC: What to Buy Where (The Non-Blonde, 9/5/12)

San Francisco (Another Perfume Blog, 8/8/11)

Washington D.C. (the unseen censer, 4/1/12)

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