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I apologize for the site being down last week and this weekend. It came to my attention that a really disreputable and disgusting website has been stealing my blog posts, going back more than a dozen posts. The individual has also targeted many other perfume bloggers, and I’ve been in communication with several of them.

I took my site down, hoping it would stop the thief’s rhythm of stealing posts as soon as I published them. I am waiting for his web host to take action.

I actually have found the whole thing really hurtful and more upsetting than I would have thought. Of course, I know there are people out there who don’t think twice about doing something so wrong, but I’m lucky that I’ve rarely encountered them. I’m sure many of you will (rightfully) think “Don’t let that get to you! Don’t let it stop you from blogging!” But, to be honest, it has really discouraged me. I’ve put so much effort into my blog, and the reality is that blogs are not very well protected from copyright violation. Anyone can come along and steal anything they want, and the burden is on me to take the time (and it’s taken a lot of time, already, to file this one complaint) to stop them. And that’s if I even know they are stealing.


So, again, I apologize for my lack of positivity, but that’s what’s going on. I hope to publish some new posts soon and truly be “back to business,” but frankly am a little scared to do so.

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23 responses

  1. I hate that this low-life has knocked your confidence in blogging and hurt you so much. It’s totally understandable when you put so much of yourself into something and then find you can’t protect it from abuse.

    I very hope it won’t prevent you from getting back to business when you feel up to it.

  2. How could someone do such a terrible thing ans steal posts – fruits of hours of work – of the perfume bloggers. Hope that the person will be stopped and their site closed down. I’m glad none of my posts was stolen but I know it could happen to me as well.

    • I don’t know, Lucas. I really don’t understand how someone does this, and it is not as if it could be driving that much traffic. Thank you for your kind words, and fingers crossed this doesn’t ever happen to you!

  3. Oh gosh, Natalie, I was wondering why I couldn’t access your blog and now fully understand and can’t blame you a bit for being discouraged. I believe you truly love blogging, though, so I hope that your enthusiasm will help you put this cad in his place and move forward with more beautiful and thoughtful posts.

    • Thank you so much, Suzanne. Everyone’s kind words are so appreciated, and are giving me a reason to publish some posts. I realize this totally sounds like I am overdramatizing, but there you have it.

  4. Glad that you’re still out there! I had trundled over to your blog hoping for a little r&r and found it out of commission. I was wondering who I’d have to contact to read it, but was ready to go the distance :-)

    This business of stealing posts and of synthetic blogs is unfortunately a tenacious one. I’ve heard this nasty story before, please don’t think you’ alone because I’ve known other fine bloggers who had this issue. However, always more depressing to have to steal than to be stolen from.

    • Thank you for the support! (And for using one of my favorite words: trundling.) And I am going to hold on to the “more depressing to have to steal” idea.

  5. You are here, so he or she didn’t win, right? I am glad you can carry on. I am sorry for this person, he or she probably doesn’t and will never realize the extent of meanness reached by his or her actions.
    Just don’t look back. You are happy with what you do, so why quit!
    Reveal them and let the bloggers’ community finish the business!

    • Thank you so much. I hope it will all be resolved soon, but as others have said, theft is going to be a recurring issue on blogs, and I have to get used to that fact.

  6. Glad to see you back. “Don’t let that get to you! Don’t let it stop you from blogging!” ; -)

    No, seriously… You’re blogging for yourself (and, I hope, a little bit for us). While it’s unpleasant that somebody uses your texts for any purposes they weren’t intended for, none of us (or your future readers) will be reading “your” posts on any other websites to where we might be lured by the search engine. So what’s the harm other than an unpleasant feeling that somebody steals – but you know that some people do. Some people even murder other people to steal something from them. So getting somebody else’s content to trick SE is extremely low on the scale of bad things that people do. It shouldn’t get to you!

    • Thank you, Undina! I am absolutely not just blogging for myself, and I think (which is really interesting) that the comments to this have led me to realize that. But that is a topic for another day. Thank you for the support.

  7. So pleased you are back again! I know from personal experience how creepy content theft feels, though in my case the website in question wasn’t an unsavoury one as happened to you and other bloggers. And I can think of at least one blogger who was so rattled that she did stop her blog altogether as a result of theft and other cyber aggro, but I do hope you can put it behind you. Otherwise the thief will have won! ;(

    • Thank you, Vanessa, both for this comment and your support on Twitter. Creepy is a great word, and I really appreciate that you know this feeling. I shall try to follow your example and get on with things.

  8. I wondered what was happening. I’m so sorry, it’s dreadful and I completely understand why you were so upset. I hope it won’t make you stop blogging as I love reading your posts and unique takes on fragrance.

  9. Hang in there! It will all be ok in the end.
    And please don’t stop blogging because of some idiot out there. Unfortunately we cannot skip dealing with them in life (generally speaking).

  10. I’m glad you’re back! I was also thinking that you might have gone “by invitation only” and was actually about to write you a note, asking for an invitation just now, when I saw the site was back up :)

    I can very much relate to how you feel violated! I haven’t had this very problem with content theft (that I know of) but my site was hacked a while ago, some people put it in maintenance mode, showing a very bizarre screen credited to an Albanian Islamist-extremist hacking group (of all things). Fortunately I could bring the site back easily. I’ve changed all accounts and passwords since, so I cross my fingers and hope that they won’t come back! These kind of people are extremely tedious, but please don’t let them stop you from doing anything you love!

    • Sigrun: that is awful! I am so glad you were able to regain control of your site, and how awful that the hackers had to represent that particular political point of view. I promise I will never assume such a page is really you if it happens again! :)

  11. As usual, I’m far beyond the curve. How in the heck does someone steal someone’s blog??!! Complete craziness. I’m glad this isn’t stopping you from what you do so well. I guess if there is a bright side to this, it’s that the thief thinks highly enough of what you write that they want it for their own. That’s a compliment I guess??!! Hang in there Nat!

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