Lumiere Blanche

Lumiere Blanche by Olfactive Studios (perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur) has gotten great reviews on Bois de Jasmin, from Jessica on Now Smell This, and on Olfactoria’s Travels. But I have to beg to differ from all my (respected and appreciated) blogger friends on this: it smells to me like a massive waft of men’s deodorant + body odor.

In fact, it smells almost exactly like Adam Levine for Him, which I previously criticized for its men’s deodorant + body odor character, so there isn’t much I can add about Lumiere Blanche.

So there you have it. Love Lumiere Blanche? Want to save $120? (I’m not joking about that price difference.) Don’t care if the fragrance is in a significantly uglier bottle? Buy the Adam Levine, and bob’s your uncle.

61501Source: Luckyscent

For more reviews of Lumiere Blanche, see the links above.

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15 responses

  1. Oh no this is BAD! Any reference to your Adam Levine review makes me happy though.

    I didn’t get on with this one but I think it was because it was too spice heavy for me.

  2. Hey Natalie, oh wow you must have read my mind. I’d scheduled a review of Lumière Blanche to be released on 10 May, so do keep a lookout for it! :) Like you, I wasn’t too impressed by it.

  3. Thank you. I tried it and I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. It was really light on me and I could barely smell a thing.

    • Thanks for adding your take, Poodle. It’s always funny not to like something that most people experience positively, but on me it really is pretty awful. :)

  4. I missed the Adam Levine review, so thanks for that :-) So glad to see you too use the term ‘Hello Kitty’ for fragrance description. For me the roses that don’t turn sour tend to instead go ‘hello kitty’ :-/. I tried LB once, but I seem to remember that it was quite cosy but unspectacular on me- cardamom and sandalwood, I think???

    • Cardamom and sandalwood seems to me like you’re remembering the right perfume. So many people describe it as cosy that I can only assume I am unique in having that armpit association with that particular sandalwood molecule (or maybe it’s my skin). Which is lucky for the rest of you! You don’t want to smell what I smell. ;)

      • So curious now I *do* want to smell what you smell! I know exactly though, sometimes- as you say- it’s just the one particular molecule, you can probably do all other sandalwoods. I have this phenomenon with two notes; as I already said roses, and can you say ‘Ellena cedar’? Floor polish meets rancid oil :-/

        • Yes! I remember now that I think we discussed that in the case of some of the PG rose perfumes. I can’t put my finger on the Ellena cedar at the moment – will have to go smell something in the Hermes store to see if I can pick up the floor polish and rancid oil (we really are a unique breed who want to smell these things, aren’t we?!).

          • I think it only works out rancid oily on weird skin, like mine, and a few others I know. I wonder if it’s like that on you. The way I remember it’s BAD in the merveilles line.

  5. On the scale from “Love it!” to “Hate it!” for this perfume I’m probably somewhere in the middle: with all the perfumes that I love, I don’t have a good reason to want to wear this one but I wouldn’t have a problem wearing it if it was an only perfume available. Still smiled reading your review: I recognize that annoyed feeling, I’m just too lazy or to busy usually to put it in writing.

    • I am following my new year’s resolution to write more negative reviews when I put that annoyed feeling into writing. :) Even when I don’t have much to say (because I usually don’t when I don’t like something) I am trying to force myself.

      The next time I am around someone who likes this, I am going to ask them to put it on so I can see if it is my association with that sandalwood molecule or if it is my skin that makes this unpleasant.

  6. I do like this – it was Victoria who got me interested in it in fact, and it is very much in my style. That said, I can understand how people wouldn’t be majorly moved by it as there isn’t a lot going on. It ticks a milky woody minimalist box when you’re in the mood for that…I was given someone’s cast off bottle as well, so that also shows the views are mixed on Lumiere Blanche!

    • Hmmm. At the moment, the fact that you and some others whose taste is generally a little similar to mine like it is one of the few things LB has going for it, in my book. :)

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