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apb dinner

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Hello, readers! How is everyone? Mr. APB is away, and this is pretty much what I resort to for dinner whenever he is not around to cook. Reading a magazine (especially one that lays flat) while eating is pure luxury, isn’t it? Also, I love those sunglasses. And that lipstick. And that sweater.

So, I guess today’s question is: what’s on your shopping list? I want this lipstick from Illamasqua. The color name is “Diablo” and unfortunately it is discontinued, so I’ll have to go looking for something similar.


I also have a vague itch to buy a few perfumes. One from Worth and one from Chloe (two very different perfumes, and both unexpected and instant like/loves). Reviews will be up in the next few days.

How about you? Any planned (or wishful thinking) purchases?

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17 responses

  1. Sounds like a beautiful evening for you! Have fun!

    I wish I could wear sunglasses! I have glasses – I don’t wear contacts anymore because I have to have bifocals. Perhaps next time I get my prescription changed, I’ll make sure I get a pair of sunglasses, too..

    I’m thinking I need to try Tom Ford Shanghai Lily but that price is just friggin ridiculous.

    I bought a new lipstick the other day – NYC Expert Last in Berry Me. I like it. I have too many lip colors, but I figure, NYC is only a few bucks, so what the heck.

  2. Now I’m upset too: before reading your post I saw that lipstick and thought that I wanted it (not that I really need one more purple lipstick).

    If I were to eat alone I wouldn’t be cooking anything at all.

    Recently I’ve been so busy that I don’t even have anything on my “to buy” list. I don’t like that.

    • Oh no! Now I’ve disappointed two of us. If I find one similar, I will let you know. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so busy – that’s no fun (literally).

  3. Like Carol, I can’t wear sunglasses due to wearing glasses. I do put in contacts sometimes at night, but sunglasses at that hour would be a terrible affectation.

    The lipstick looks a great colour on the right person. I can’t wear dark shades or I look like Cruella de Ville(sp?).

    I shouldn’t be spending money as I am not working just now, yet paradoxically I am contemplating a total refurb of my bathroom (which really needs it). I am ‘flitterspender’ like that.

    PS Re your dinner, I hope you are having seconds? ;)

    • I used to be among the “can’t wear sunglasses crowd” so I know how that goes. Now that I always wear contacts, I loooove sunglasses.

      Flitterspender is a great word, and if you ever get sick of perfume blogging, it would make a great blog.

      As for dinner: ha! I did better than seconds. I had dessert. ;)

  4. On my wishlist to buy is definitely Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile edt, possibly Rozy by Vero Kern as I haven’t smelled it yet but I somehow feel we are destined and that’s generally it.
    I kind of feel like I have everything and don’t need much. :)

    When was the lipstick discontinued? We are a bit behind everything here so I might look for it here if it was recently discontinued.

  5. OMG! You should have come HERE fort dinner. We always have enough for drop ins. Even if I’m not home there are always home made ready meals in the fridge awaiting warmth and hunger.
    On my list currently: I have used quite a lot of Ma Folie de Noel but it’s a discontinued gem. I’m thinking the Magnolia Grandiflora Michel and a couple of pairs of Adidas Stripe Track Pants. Also some more storage baskets and a new roller dirty clothes basket.
    Not a particularly thrilling list except the frag.
    Portia xx

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