RSP: Undina Edition

In RSP (Runway, Sidewalk, Perfume) posts, I try to connect fashion and perfume.

If I were given only one word to describe Undina‘s personal style, it would be “polished.” Her clothes are always carefully selected and often have a story behind them. The last time I posted an RSP, reflecting my typically more messy style*, I jokingly told Undina that I was going to dedicate an entire RSP to her style. And then, I decided that it would be a fun challenge to actually do it.

Since we have the luxury of knowing a few of Undina’s favorite perfumes, I’ve started by selecting perfumes, then paired them with “sidewalk” clothes, and entirely skipped runway clothes. And just because I’m so nice, I’ve given Undina an unlimited budget.

Please let me know how you think I did, and share whether you have any outfits or particular items of clothing or jewelry that you think pair especially well with particular perfumes. And Undina, I hope I got it (sort of) right!

*I realized after the fact that this sounded as if I was saying I’m a slob (and fishing for compliments). Au contraire! I think (I hope) I care too much about clothes to be a true slob. I simply don’t feel like myself if some aspect of my outfit or my hair is not a little “off” in some way, so my look is less “done.”


Climat Collage Rev

Dress: Oasis via Asos / Shoes: Coach via Zappos / Scarf: JCrew / Cuff: Lanvin via MyTheresa / Earrings: Bauble Bar

Portrait of a Lady

POAL Collage Rev

Dress: Asos via Asos / Shoes: Whistles via Asos / Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane via Haute Headquarters

Bombay Bling

 BB Collage

Skirt: Burberry / Shirt: Sabine via Piperlime / Shoes: Bottega Veneta / Earrings: LK Designs via Dazzling Jewelry

La Femme Bleue

La Femme Bleue Collage Rev

 Jeans: Mother via Piperlime / Top: J Crew / Shawl: Silkshop / Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Necklace: Anna Designs

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24 responses

  1. Natalie, your RSP Undina is very cool! And very well done. I’m about to meet Undina in real life soon, and I’m a little bit shaking in my boots because I have already pictured her in my head as being totally pulled together and elegant, always and all the time. But then again, that is part of the reason I can’t wait to meet her (there are many reasons … she is intriguing and admirable in so many ways).

    You did a beautiful job with these pairings. I can especially imagine Undina in the ensemble you have for Portrait of a Lady.

    And by the way, I’ve always had the impression that you are every bit as polished as Undina.

    • Oh Suzanne – I cannot wait to hear all about it.
      And I agree re: Natalie being polished – so many perfumistas are so put together (you included!) – I’m most likely the scruffiest one of the bunch (not that I consider myself much of a perfumista anymore.)

    • So excited you are getting to meet Undina! Are you going out to CA? I think the POAL ensemble is the most “Undina” of all of them – glad you agree. Regarding my style, I added a little update to the post about my use of the word “messy.” :)

      • Yes, I’m going to California (believe it or not, have never been there before) and my husband and I will be staying somewhere close enough that we can hopefully walk to Undina’s one day to pet Rusty. (Haven’t confirmed this with U, but I’m really *hoping* to get an audience with Rusty, at any rate!)

  2. What a great idea for a post and such a fun and unusual way of showcasing both scents and Undina :)These are GREAT pairings, I’d be happy if I was ever a 10th as stylish as these!

  3. Thank you, dear Natalie – I’m very touched and honored. You portray me better than I am in RL but I like the picture, thank you!

    No 1 is totally me, I wouldn’t change a thing. No 2 & 3 are very close with the important correction: I only want to wear white but I’m still struggling with the inclination to go for something harder to soil. As to the last one, great colors but no heels with jeans and the necklace is too asymmetrical for me (I like it, don’tget me wrong but wouldn’t have gonefor it, probably).

    Now I feel like going and re-organizing my wardrobe : -)

    • Hello! With terrible apologies for the so-late reply, I am really glad I at least almost hit the mark. It was a lot of fun to do this, a good challenge for me. Most importantly, I at least got the Climat one right. :)

  4. Oh, now I wish I could see Undina’s style in RL. :)
    And I feel like I’m not part of this nicely dressed bunch the way I dress every day.

    • Someday, I am sure you will. And I have no idea what you’re talking about re: your sense of style. I still remember that killer white dress (or maybe it was another pale shade?) that you wore the last time I saw you. It was so hot that day, and you looked very cool and chill in your dress. :)

  5. What a fun post and great to hear Undina’s take on it all. I particularly liked the Climat outfit for her too, and with her enviable figure she’d look knockout in No 2. Very pleased that Suzanne and Undina are going to get together – can’t wait to read all about it!

    Meanwhile – and somewhat comically – I am currently knitting Undina a woolly hat, which I am not sure would top off any of these looks. To be honest, said hat is knitted, but came out too big, so am going to try again with a narrower gauge of yarn.

    • Ooh, fun with knitting! You and Carol are both inspiring with your knitted creations. In fact, when I was putting this together, I came across a really pretty pattern on Etsy for a knitted shawl, which I have bookmarked for the next time I feel like knitting something. I attribute that to you and Carol, since I haven’t knitted anything in a fair while.

  6. I think you did a great job – I’m lucky enough to have met Undina in person and found her style unpretentious yet tastefully original and yes, pulled together. I aspire to it! And these are great examples of that style!

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  8. I can’t believe I almost missed thise post! It’s wonderful.

    Love the way you put outfits together Natalie and they are perfectly inspired by the perfumes. I would go for the Climat outfit myself too but I love Bombay Bling! and the unexpected juxtaposition of elegant and casual for La Femme Bleue. It’s that kind of thinking just outside the box (which I’m not as good at as I’d like) that means real style to me. Not completely conservative or completely far out.

    Off to read Undina’s reply post now…

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