FR 01 / No. 02

Fragrance Republic’s 01/No. 02 (I believe that is season one or year one, fragrance number two) was created by Julie Massé. It features notes of rose, tuberose, and cocoa resin. Massé said she “wanted to create a vaporous, almost ethereal Tuberose by combining it with an absolute of Rose of May.”


01/02 is ethereal, but not waifish. The combination of rose and tuberose reads more white floral to me, with the rose cutting the butteriness of the tuberose and giving it a subtle sweetness. The entire composition is creamy, dewy, and feminine, so it is a welcome surprise that it carries on firmly for six to eight hours, with the rose blooming more on the skin as time goes by. I’m tempted to put this in the same category as fragrances like Kai and the original Marc Jacobs for Women, although those two are more voluptuous white florals, because they all share a pretty-but-sophisticated vibe — nothing vampy.

Fragrance Republic is a subscription program that delivers to its members fragrances created exclusively for the Republic by established perfumers. I considered it the “idea whose time has come” in my best and worst list of 2013. I am finding it to be a very fun way to experience new fragrances that aren’t available anywhere else.

For another review of 01/02, check out Victoria’s take on EauMG.

Image courtesy Fragrance Republic. Fragrance provided by Fragrance Republic. Reviews are never compensated, and posts are never sponsored. See my Media & Disclosure policy for details.

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6 responses

  1. I haven’t tried the first two in the series, but am always open to a new take on tuberose, and this pairing with rose sounds rather pretty. The original Marc Jacobs was a bit full-on, so it sounds as though FR! 01 / 02 might be in just the right register to appeal to me.

  2. Sounds like you’re having fun with this novel approach.

    This fragrance also seems like the kind of tuberose non-tuberose lovers might get along with. Too bad about the clinical aesthetic.

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