Ashoka is Neela Vermeire Creations’s follow-up to its inaugural perfumes: Mohur, Trayee, and Bombay Bling. It smells like fig, pastry dough, sweetened milk, sandalwood, suede, and tiny white flowers. Some of the “stories” within Ashoka are familiar. Aspects of it recall the warmth sun and figs from Diptyque’s Philosykos, the nutty doughy Bois Farine from L’Artisan; and the velvety suede of Bottega Veneta.


It smells great. It is a relatively quiet perfume that exudes confidence and individuality, probably because nothing about it feels like it was thrown together. That level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail is what i have come to expect from Neela Vermeire Creations.

For another review of Ashoka, see The Non-Blonde.

Image and sample courtesy Neela Vermeire Creations. Reviews are never compensated, and posts are never sponsored. See my Media & Disclosure policy for details.

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16 responses

  1. Beautiful review! Ashoka is my favourite of the line, and it knocks PG Bois Naufrage off its perch in the ‘delicate milky woody fig scent’ stakes. If I didn’t already own two bottles of the latter, I’d spring for one of Ashoka, no question. ;)

    • I am guessing that if you like Trayee, you will like this one. Based on my early testing (I’ve only had this for about 2-3 weeks), Ashoka is my favorite of all of them.

  2. Of these have only smelled Bombay Bling, but if you think this one is good – then I’ll take a whiff. A nice review of what must have been a carefully considered perfume-given the name.

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