Inspired by Nicole Kidman’s Braided Up-do

I loved this braided hairstyle that Nicole Kidman wore recently at the Cannes Film Festival.



Today, I was inspired to adapt it (as in, make it easier). The weather has been rainy and humid, which is the worst for my naturally curly hair.

DSC_0183I was super casual about this, so it’s a bit messy, with visible pins all over the place. But, it only took 10 minutes and was super easy. Here’s how I did it.

1) Create a lace braid extending diagonally from just above the left ear to just below the right ear.

2) Change the direction of the braid, and change the direction from which you are pulling hair into the braid (i.e., start pulling from the bottom).

3) When you have incorporated all the hair, secure the ponytail with an elastic.

4) Separate the ponytail into three sections and create three smaller braids.

5) Coil them into a bun and pin.

My hair is about the same length, thickness, and texture as Nicole Kidman’s appears to be (I could totally rock her Days of Thunder hair), and after testing this, I would not be surprised if the stylist added some temporary extensions to Nicole’s bun so there would be more braids to coil around.

Do I get bonus points for adding video?!?

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this song (obviously).

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21 responses

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  2. Beautiful!
    yes, extra points for the video and for the wonderful hair!
    Which perfume would suit such romantic hairstyle( it is also quite dynamic, with all the turns and changes in texture of the hair do!)?
    I would say Chamade… ;)
    Envy your long hair!

  3. Echoing what Zazie said, your hair is gorgeous, Natalie, and watching you compose the style via the video, you make it look easy (when it’s actually complex, at least to my way of thinking). A number of Guerlain perfumes comes to mind as being perfectly paired with that romantic and chic style. Vol de Nuit comes to mind, as I know it’s one of your faves.

    • Thank you, Suzanne! (It’s looking a bit the worse for wear here, so I’ll take the compliment for sure!) Part of the reason I wanted to post the video was that it really is easier than it looks. Like the idea of pairing with Vol de Nuit!

  4. This is so amazing. Thanks so much for posting the video. I’d be too intimdated to try anything like this normally but after watching you do it I will give it a go and let you know. Having naturally Days of Thunder hair myself this would be good for the rain-in-the-air weather we have here now. I spray loads of Lee Stafford DeHumidifier spray on my hair before going out but it still curls a bit. This is such a pretty alternative to a normal bun which is what I usually do. Love it.

    • This would look great on you, as you have such great bone structure. Let me know if you try it! (I’m glad Asali chimed in to say she tried it and found it pretty easy.)

  5. Thank you so much for posting this, your hair looks absolutely fab, so much so that I immediately had to try it out for myself. It will take a bit until I’ll get as good at it as you, but it looks a lot better than I dreamt it would ( I truly am useless when it comes to doing up my hair). Your lifestyle page is great BTW. Definitely bonus points for adding the video :-)

    • Yippee! So glad you tried it. It really is just a matter of giving it a try, and a little messy doesn’t hurt, in my opinion. (At least I hope not, because mine are always messy. ;) )

  6. That looks beautiful, Natalie! I am so impressed that you make it look so easy. My hair is so straight that I can’t do anything like this and am in awe (and envy :-) ) that you can. Bravo!

    • Thank you! We all want what we don’t have, right? I am thinking that if my hair was straight, I’d not have to do styles like this to beat the humidity. :)

  7. That was totally calming somehow. MORE HAIR VIDS! I would love to do that but I absolutely suck at braiding my own hair. Did you really pull it off without a mirror?! Gorgeous end result.

    • I will see what I can do as regards more hair vids. (It was actually surprisingly fun!) As for no mirror – yes. I’ve never had the luxury of living in a place that allowed the double mirror set-up, so I have had to learn to do it “blind” and correct mistakes at the end. That’s why the bump that you see in the video doesn’t appear in the final pic. ;) I am tempted to say it really only takes a little practice. But really, how can I know that? I learned to do it so long ago (when I was about 10) that I barely remember learning.

  8. I could never do this. In part because it would take an hour of teasing my hair before it would hold any of these braids! LOL. But it’s beautiful.

    I just thought I’d mention that I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Days of Thunder, which was filmed in part just a few miles from where I grew up – the farm scenes. I think Nicole looks fabulous in that movie. I always loved her early ‘big red hair’ phase… never quite loved the ‘blonde ice queen’ look she had for many years after.

    • I was thinking about those with fine hair while I was doing this. I admit I’m spoiled in that my hair will hold a braid almost without any pinning or clipping or even an elastic at the end.

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