There are many times when functional fragrances don’t get enough credit. I have some cosmetics and hair care products that have amazing smells, and a favorite smell of Mr. APB’s is everyday European laundry detergents.

Because functional fragrance doesn’t get a lot of appreciation, it sounds like an insult to say that Puredistance Antonia smells to me like a very expensive version of one of those European laundry detergents. However, I do not mean it as such. It’s a very good smell.

Antonia has more complexity and more of a “perfume” feeling than detergent, of course. But still, it is a fragrance that is easy to reach for when you want to feel cheerful and smell good … and smell clean. It is a green and powdery jasmine fragrance that projects a feeling of practicality and competence.

For another review of Puredistance Antonia, check out Undina’s Looking Glass.

Sample provided by Puredistance. Reviews are never compensated, and posts are never sponsored. See my Media & Disclosure policy for details.

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13 responses

  1. Yes, I agree with Mr. APB, I LOVE the European common laundry detergent smell and I’m always seeking that scent in American detergents. Let us know if you or Mr. APB find a detergent with the magic scent in the US. Grazie mille.

  2. I never knew out detergent smelled so good! Is it our detergents generally or is there a particular brand?

    I love the idea of Antonia fitting a busy, professional mother. Not enough perfumes fit that remit. Oh and I agree – at the PD price level you do want the fragrances to smell expensive and they absolutely do.

  3. I strongly dislike a smell of most detergents so I go for unscented ones here. I haven’t tried any European detergents recently so I cannot confirm your impression or argue agains it but I want to mention once again that I really like Antonia’s scent and enjoy wearing it.

    • I like Antonia; I think it’s beautiful … on someone else. But that’s the fun of perfume, as it doesn’t always have to fit our personality for us to appreciate.

  4. Well, now you’ve got me curious about European detergents. :) Like Undina, I use unscented detergent but would like to find one that has a pleasing and unagressive fragrance.

    As to Antonia, I really love it! I find it far too lovely to think of it in terms of a well-groomed professional mother, but that’s just me. I do quite agree with you, though, that it is energetic and joyful, and not at all dark, so I can see how you associate it with the uber competent mother. :)

  5. Ah, soapiness….. Very luxurious, expensive soapiness, true, but too much for me to deal with, either. In fairness, I’m very much the wrong target market for Antonia given my personal tastes, but I’m rather relieved to know that I’m not the only one who struggled a little with Antonia. For me, it’s the marvelous, magical, molten “M” all the way! :) Thank you for the link referral, by the way.

    • I don’t believe I’m the target market for this either. It’s not weird enough for me. :) I haven’t given M a good test yet – must get around to that.

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