Impressions: Sahara Noir

Many of the perfumes in Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection feel very blunt to me. Although I like some of them, that style is not generally my favorite. Sahara Noir, in contrast, is mellow and subtle.

Frankincense, cedar, amber, and oud are one strand in this fragrance, and sweet rose is the other. Because it’s so smooth, it doesn’t go off the rails into lumberjack territory, but it’s more masculine than, say, Trayee or Tam Dao—which I would consider cousins of Sahara Noir.

For a review of Sahara Noir, see Victoria’s take at Bois de Jasmin. Our impressions were quite different. When I got to the end of her review, I realized why this might be: the bulk of my spray of Sahara Noir (remember, my “Impressions” posts are just first impressions, put together after usually one wearing) landed on my sleeve, rather than my arm. Apparently this is one that’s quite different on skin than on clothing.

Edited: Kevin at NST has now also reviewed Sahara Noir, and confirmed what Victoria and I found, that this is very different on skin than on clothing.

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5 responses

  1. I’ve never really like any of Tom Ford’s fragrances, but I did try this and liked it. I agree with in in saying that it is well-blended and smooth. That being said, I don’t think I would want a full bottle of it.

  2. I do like many Tom Ford’s perfumes (not the most recent ones though if not to count Violet Blonde from the Signature collection) but I’m not sure about Sahara Noir. I think it smells… great. But I have a strange deja vu: not comparing side-by-side (I can’t get a sample of Sahara Noir!!!) I think it smells very similar to the discontinued Amber Absolute – which I like and own a decant of. I will compare them and if they are not similar enough I might even buy a bottle.

  3. I tried this on card recently and admired its multi-faceted composition but found it just a little bit fierce going in. Though I must say I didn’t try it on skin or pay much attention to it over time, so I should do that sometime. I still fancy it might end up being a bit full-on, but we’ll see! And I found the bottle a bit OTT on the Goldfrapp – that’s Siri for you! I meant ‘on the gold front’.

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