Ghosts of Perfumes Past, Present, and Future

Today I’m participating in joint holiday blogging with All I Am – A RedheadChickenFreak’s ObsessionsEauMGThe Muse in Wooden ShoesOlfactoria’s TravelsPerfume Journal, and Undina’s Looking Glass. We are following a tradition begun by Redolent of Spices and Scent of the Day. If you’re interested, you can check out last year’s O Tannenbaum-themed posts. The theme this year is Ghosts of Perfumes Past, Present, and Future.


If you’re very lucky, you have a legendary friend. I do. We first met when he was 16. He drove a late-model suburban sedan covered in bumper stickers, had dorky hair, and was completely himself. Everyone loved him. These days, not much has changed except that his awesomeness is recognized on a bigger stage, so more people love him. I often ask myself how, exactly, one person can possess so much talent and likability. But it’s simply not possible to hold anything against him. He’s earned every ounce of good karma that comes his way with humility, hard work, and the sort of kindness that can’t be faked. A few months ago we were talking about perfume, and he mentioned that he wore Fahrenheit for years. I thought this was strange, since I never associated it with him. The next time I was at a shop, I sprayed Fahrenheit on the tester strip, and sure enough … I practically hugged the bottle.


I am completely obsessed with Enlevement au Serail, a Francis Kurkdjian creation for Parfums MDCI. It is spicy/creamy, sumptuous/angular dichotomous floral goodness. I will wear it at Christmas, and it will be amazing.


Sometimes everything is perfect. I smell a carnation perfume, and I beg a sample because my mom might like it. I walk down the street behind a man wearing Grey Flannel, and I giggle into my sleeve that Mr. APB’s scent twin is an 80-year old man walking a bilious dachshund. I clock a bottle of Miss Dior in a shop, and I stop to see if it’s the original without the “Originale” that a perfume-friend is looking for.

That perfect time is right now, and I know it’s wrong, but God I hope somehow these things never change.

Thank you, much loved reader-friends, for keeping me company on APB this year. I hope your holidays are warm and toasty, and your new year is full of love, good health, and perfume. <3

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26 responses

  1. Your legendary friend sounds so warm and kind, Natalie, and I loved the details you offered about him, as I can just picture him. I always enjoy and marvel at your silky writings here at APB; you really have a way of distilling a moment and making it feel so crystalline. Your ending to this post made me feel like I was walking down the street with you and Mr. APB … a little bug hitching a ride on your jacket and listening, unseen, to your conversation. :)

    Thank you for organizing this, and here’s wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!

    • Thank you, Suzanne! I’m glad he came through a little bit. Such a special guy. I loved your post as well. The photos of your early Christmases are so sweet, and I too felt transported. It’s really nice to get a glimpse into everyone’s holiday traditions. Happy Christmas to you!

  2. Your husband’s scent twin made me smile! Wishing you a happy holiday – I hope to be around a bit more in 2013 – I have a lot of blog reading to catch up with. : – )

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  4. I have a friend like your Fahrenheit-sporting friend – you can’t help but love her and like your friend, deserves every bit of love and admiration that comes her way. After reading the paragraph, I pictured you cradling a bottle of Fahrenheit and smiling blissfully!

    I’m so happy you took this project on, Natalie. It’s such a wonderful way to get to know your co-bloggers. Hopefully, next Christmas I can blog along again!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Isn’t it amazing how some people just … glow? Amazing. Thank you for being the originator of this tradition, and I hope you can blog again next time too. Have a wonderful holiday season!

      • Krista actually came up with this tradition! I was lucky to be her partner in organizing, which resulted in us making some wonderful friends. Thanks to you, and everyone who participated, the tradition continues!

  5. Natalie, first of all, thank you for organizing it this year: I know it wasn’t the easiest time for you.
    Second – thank you.

    I enjoyed reading about your friend. I’m not sure if I’ve heard about that perfume from your present (only if Birgit had reviewed it) and I positively like your future. Let’s all meet in there ;)

    Happy Holidays to you and your husband!

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  7. Such a lovely piece!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us – I love that it makes you giggle when you smell Grey Flanned on an 80-year old man. :)

    And a big thank you for organizing the event this year! :)

  8. As usual, Natalie, your writing is so expressive :).
    The first boyfriend I had who wore cologne wore Fahrenheit. At the time, I thought it was the perfect MANly but snuggly scent. I still go absolutely crazy for it and bought a bottle just to smell it every once in a while.
    I’m so glad I found my way to your blog this year. Merry Holidays to you and best wishes for 2013!

    • Thank you for the compliment (big happy grin).

      I was so impressed by Fahrenheit when I tested it in this context; I have to agree with your assessment, and can completely understand having some on hand to enjoy occasionally. Happy holidays to you (I’m too late for Christmas now)!

  9. Natalie, great post! :)

    I hope you had great and happy Christmas!

    I never had an opportunity to try MDCI Parfums but I hope I will someday…

    All the best


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