“He did not hear Molly saying in as soft a voice as if she were talking to herself, ‘I wore mine just as they were sent,’” –Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and Daughters

The latest perfume from Puredistance, Opardu, reminds me of wistful scenes from bygone eras. It has a delicate vintage quality. Based on carnation, Opardu also includes tuberose absolute, purple lilac, jasmine absolute, and gardenia. The carnation is just a dusting of spiciness, vaguely clove-ish, while the notes that really shine are the lilac and gardenia. The lilac is green and youthful, whereas the gardenia is smooth, elegant, and a little melancholy. It’s a beautiful, striking contrast.

The perfume was created by Annie Buzantian. For another review of Puredistance Opardu, see Eiderdown Press.

Sample of Opardu provided by Puredistance. Reviews are never compensated, and posts are never sponsored. See my Media & Disclosure policy for details.

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  1. I tried Opardu several times and couldn’t make up my mind. I decided than that I’d need to wear it (as an opposite to just testing) to see how it feels – but since then I didn’t feel the right moment. I still plan to do it one day but for now in my mind it stands apart from the first three perfumes.

    You wrote a beautiful review, I want to try Opardu again right now but I can’t: all “useable” skin RE is taken for today.

      • Thank you for the link! I wonder if heliotrope will be polarizing for some people? It’s not overpowering, but I know there are people who just can’t stand heliotrope.

    • Thank you so much, Julia! I had one complaint, which I think other people shared, and which I forgot to put in my review: Opardu is pretty quiet. To really get the effect, I had to dump the vial onto my skin. So I think your decision about wearing rather than testing is the right one.

      • phewww, I’m so glad you wrote about the quietness!
        I am still trying to find my Ophelia. A floral perfume that is so darned depressing and well, Ophelia-like, that I cry every time I wear it. I was thinking perhaps this was it, but I’m not going to spend a ton of money of something that I have to drench myself in.! ;)

        • Yes, I’m finding it quiet. Unfortunately, the sample is a dab, so it’s hard to tell what it would be like sprayed.

          Your image of an Ophelia perfume is just perfect. Can I sign on for that search, too?!

  2. I love “lived in quality” to describe the feeling of a perfume!

    I’m much happier with something that smells expensive rather than opulent so that’s OK with me. Puredistance perfumes are so unbelieveably well blended. Opardu has to be a must-try.

    Natalie, I loved hearing about you wearing a vintage hat, fur wrap and heels. I will never be that well put together but love others who are. I know you have a huge back-log of perfume posts but if you ever posted pics of your outfits that would be lovely.

    • I prefer expensive to opulent, too. :) It’s obviously not a huge deal that their press materials are a bit disconnected, but being in that industry, it really stands out to me.

      I appreciate your confidence in my ability to look put together! I must say the end of this post was more about how I felt (and how this perfume appeals to the vintage lover in me) than how I looked. I am not one to pull off a head to toe vintage look! But I’ll consider the outfit idea. I’ve often thought it pairs well with perfume, anyway. Thanks for suggesting!

  3. I’m sort of a sample-buying freeze right now, but this sounds so nice. Carnation + lilac sounds really appealing for some reason.

  4. Seconding what Tara said, I loved how you ended this review with the image of you navigating through the cold city streets in your vintage hat and fur wrap. You’re right – Opardu is a nostalgic perfume, and that’s a perfect image to couple to it. (And echoing Tara again, I would love to see photos of you in some of your ensembles!)

    • Suzanne, I really enjoyed your review of this, and I felt like we had a similar experience with it. I’m glad that image of nostalgia “worked” for you, too. It just struck me that day how much the nostalgic, vintage-loving side of me was attracted to Opardu.

  5. I loved your review, and I do get the wistful, nostalgic vibe of Opardu up to a point, but the musk is amped up on my skin for whatever reason, and I just can’t get past that aspect. It reminds me of the muskier end of the Narciso Rodriguez flankers. And I so wanted to fall for it, being a huge fan of the line generally.

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