Six Scents Character Series: Perfume Mini-Reviews

I previously wrote about my favorite from the new Six Scents Character Series: Nappa Noir. Now it’s time for the rest of the line.

Crust: This unfortunately-named scent is a collaboration between designer Boris Bidjan Saberi and perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu. I must be anosmic to something in this, because to me it smells like getting a shot—cotton gauze, rubbing alcohol, and clean motor oil—for about two minutes, and then it doesn’t smell like anything. 

Second Skin: Created by design house VPL and perfumer Marypierre Julien, Second Skin smells like musk, musk, and more musk.

Modesty: This collaboration between designer Guiliano Fujiwara and the talented Rodrigo Flores-Roux initially smells to me like pencil shavings, ink, charcoal dust, and paper. As it develops, it fleshes out into something denser, with cedar, sap, and maybe a bit of patchouli. I think there is also a floral note, but I can’t put my finger on it. When Modesty is “in full bloom” it’s slightly reminiscent of Chanel’s Coromandel. As it dries down, it reverts a little bit to the drier feeling of the opening notes, and smells wonderfully of old books. I might not choose to wear this, as it’s a bit stark for my personal taste. But I found myself applying it several times so I could marvel at its development.

Une Beaute Accidental: Created by Vth Avenue Shoe Repair and perfumer Nadege Le Garlantexec, Une Beaute Accidental smells at first like an abrasive lemon-scented cleaner or cheap citronella, but gradually settles into a benign, barely traceable soft citrus smell. 

Buk: My second favorite of the line, created by KTZ and perfumer Guillaume Flavigny, is a honeyed (in the sense of textural feeling, not smell) mix of herbal and wood notes. Imagine, if you can, that someone made an herbal fruit tea into syrup, and poured it over ashes of cedar, sandalwood, incense, and dry desert plants. It is certainly a crowd pleaser. Two people have stopped me while I was wearing it and gushed about how good I smelled.

Overall, my impression of this series is that the fragrances are aiming to be quite conceptual, and they succeed. Several of them are also very wearable, and Nappa Noir is fantastic.

Edited: Giveaway is now closed.

My samples were provided by Six Scents. Reviews are never compensated, and posts are never sponsored. See my Media & Disclosure policy for details.

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23 responses

  1. :)

    Oh, when you put it this way who can refuse? ;) Actually, I mean that two of your favorites sound interesting but I wouldn’t want to rob you off them and everything else… I recently confirmed it to myself that I tend to favor perfume-y perfumes and interesting exercises in creating scents are just such, exercises. But I do not want to wear them.

    The way you described Crust, it might have Iso E Super – that’s one of the typical reactions (half of the time I cannot smell my favorite Molecule 01).

    • It’s not robbery if I’m freely offering them!

      Thanks for the tip on Iso E Super / Super E. I have it in my little molecule kit, and I can smell it there, but I was unaware of its vanishing effect. After reading your comment I also went to Perfume Shrine and read there about how it is a now-you-smell-it-now-you-don’t kind of thing – so thanks for helping me learn something today!

  2. I love your discriptions…. my favorite …Like getting a shot. Oh boy I can just smell it. That would go perfect with a drink I got at West of Pecos on Valencia… A Mezcal Mule. It tasted like old band aids smell. If that makes sense. Buk sounds pretty amazing to me.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad that spoke to you, because it’s exactly what that smells like to me. And “like old band-aids smell” is sooooo descriptive. I know just what you mean. You’re in the draw! (P.S. I miss Valencia!)

  3. I’ll not be in the draw here but I still have to say, Modesty sounds very intriguing to me, like the perfect scent for getting ready to go back to school in the fall. Buk does not sound half bad either. When I started geting interested in perfumes I had a big thing for concept scents (like in not very perfumey scents), but the more I smell around the more I’m leaning toward more traditional scents. But, who knows, maybe this will change with time as well :)

    • It is interesting that you say this, because I think for a while I associated you with conceptual scents, but then I realized you have such wide taste, that wasn’t really accurate. I love what you are doing with expanding not only your own perfume experiences, but trying to encourage that in your country. It’s great!

  4. I keep ignoring this line, although, some of these sound very interesting, especially the Nappa Noir your wrote about (lovely writing btw). I’ll be sure to hunt down Modesty as well.

    • I was pretty uninformed about it when they contacted me about this line, so I started without a lot of preconceived ideas, which I guess is good.

      I definitely think a few of these are worth trying. (And thank you for the wonderful compliment on Nappa Noir post.)

  5. They keep churning these out. I got to smells some of these for the first time on the honeymoon- series 3, I think, though.

    I like musk, so how about Second Skin as my choice for the draw? :)

  6. Does anyone know if these fragrances where ever released? I heard that the co-founder / creative director of Six Sense, Kaya Sorhaind has left and is starting a new perfume company. I love to try Nappa Noir.

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