Update on New Chanel Fragrances: No. 19 Poudre and Jersey

The latest U.S. edition of Women’s Wear Daily carries an interview with Jacques Polge, confirming what I read last week about Chanel launching two new fragrances: No. 19 Poudre and Jersey. Jersey will be part of the Exclusifs.

And the internets have the stories now. If you’re a WWD subscriber, you can read the interview here and then tell me all about it. Perfume Smellin’ Things has an excerpt. Scented Salamander has a little further information about the notes and speaks to the question of whether the name (Poudre) indicates the new juice will be more powdery (no one knows).

Thanks to Undina for sending me a link to follow up on this!

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3 responses

  1. As far as I can tell, you were the first to report on it in blogosphere! :) I looked around when you posted it first time, I checked Twitter and Facebook – and didn’t find any mentioning. And now, of course, it’s everywhere.

    • My love for magazines in all forms finally paying off! :) Seriously, though, I am glad it is getting coverage. For some reason, I tend to sit up and take more notice when Chanel launches a flanker than when it launches a new fragrance. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I really liked Eau Premiere, and even though I wasn’t into perfume at the time it launched, I smelled it and thought “Oh, so that’s sort of what Chanel No 5 means to people who like it!” I have no idea how Eau Premiere is generally viewed, but for me it was everything a flanker can be.

      Anyway. In a more on-topic note, it looks like I will be stopping in London in early June. With any luck I will get to test No 19 Poudre then.

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